About Navadan


In everything we do, Navadan works to improve the efficiency of commercial operations.

The way we impact commercial operations is through expert advisory, industry specific solutions, a global supply network, and flexibility. As a danish company with a history of more than 25 years of supporting the commercial shipping industry worldwide, we are the safe choice. Read more about our values here!

We sell equipment, chemicals, and services globally, for cleaning and maintenance of the commercial fleet. Our primary focus is on hold- and tank cleaning.

Cargo hold cleaning

We offer a range of high-pressure equipment, chemical applicators and cleaning chemicals. All are made especially for dry bulk cargo hold cleaning and reviewed according to MARPOL V.

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Cargo tank cleaning

We offer both on-board and remote supervision and we have a full line of IMO-approved cleaning chemicals. This ensures that no cargo is too big of a challenge.

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Navadan is structured into functional teams with cross functional members. This structure offers a better forum for collaboration across functions. We are one company. Read about the individual teams below.

Meet our teams

History of Navadan


Franz Randolph Tschicaja founded Navadan in 1995. Franz had a long background teaching tank cleaning. His vast experience and unique knowledge were the basis for offering technical advice on tank cleaning. His mission was to use his knowledge to help the Danish shipping companies with optimal tank cleaning.

In 2006 Peter Krogh entered the company to professionalize and grow the company. When he joined, Navadan consisted of three people.

"Peter Krogh bought the company in 2011 with a clear strategy to grow the company by entering the dry bulk market."

Peter Krogh bought the company in 2011 with a clear strategy to grow the company by entering the dry bulk market.

Navadan has grown more than 20% on average by expanding our offering and reaching new customer groups.

Navadan grew its product portfolio based on dry bulk operators' demand. We quickly identified that dry bulk operators had demands shore-based technology could solve. In some cases, we needed a redesign for maritime use, and some solutions required further product development.

Peter decided on a strategy to reinvest profits into developing a Navadan able to grow and face new demands from stakeholders in the shipping industry.

On the 31st of January 2023, Wilhelmsen Ships Service took over ownership of Navadan. With its vast global maritime supply network, Wilhelmsen Ships Service is the perfect platform for Navadan to grow and take our customer offering to the next level.

After selling the company to Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Peter Krogh passed the torch to new Managing Director Benjamin Juel Kierkegaard.

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