Expert advice

Navadan wants to make our clients better equipped to handle uncertainty in managing the day-to-day operations within cleaning and maintenance. Advice and supervision are some of the tools that we use to minimize the risk for our clients. Navadan’s sales desk consists of marine professionals. Their experience gives Navadan a unique insight into our clients’ challenges, which lowers complexity for our customers. Our expert advice results in reduced hassles for our customers.


Navadan’s extensive knowledge, network, and experience enables us to think out of the box when a client has a difficult challenge. In Danish we call this “hittepåsomhed” and to us it is virtue. We can advise on the best solution and we are able to find alternatives to reach a tight deadline, an inconvenient port or compensate for limited availability. If clients are uncertain, a call to Navadan can clarify their options quickly and result in better decision making.

Global supply Network

We rely on local companies worldwide to manufacture Navadan products. We do this because it gives us the ability to increase availability, offer uniform products globally, increase shelf life, save time, and reduce transportation costs. Navadan is proud of the impact, our use of local partners globally, has on carbon footprint and reducing inequality among countries.

Industry specific

In everything we do, Navadan is dedicated to shipping. We think shipping. Navadan is proud to be part of the Danish Maritime Cluster. Navadan recruits from shipping and when we develop products, we do it in collaboration with shipping companies. When we test, we do it on-board vessels in service. Navadan’s employees, products and services are chosen with the global maritime industry in mind! With Navadan you get effortless solutions designed for on-board use.

A history of commercial use

Navadan has assisted vessel owners, operators and technical departments with cleaning and maintenance of vessels for more than 25 years. We take commercially successful products and adapt them to the maritime industry. Navadan’s approach means low risk to clients and provides simplification for both decision maker and user. Navadan continually invests in keeping our employees up to date with commercial solutions and applications. We help clients stay ahead in their day-to-day profitable operations.

Danish company

Navadan was founded more than 25 years ago in Denmark to support the growing shipping industry. Navadan has a proud tradition of close relationship with the Danish shipping companies who have helped shape Navadan into what we are today. The global maritime community is an extended family that Navadan is proud to be part of, we welcome you to join us. The Danish shipping mentality is all about knowhow, professionalism, quality, swift decision making and commercial success. Navadan delivers on all.