Supercargo services

NAVADAN offers professional, specialised and experienced Supercargoes who can work on different basis, depending on what tasks they are appointed to carry out onboard.

A NAVADAN Supercargo can join vessels worldwide, depending on the customer’s requirements.

While having a NAVADAN Supercargo onboard, the customers can expect a proactive Supercargo.

The NAVADAN Supercargo will be on the spot assessing and monitoring the present situation onboard, whether it is during loading, discharging, cleaning or other pending situations onboard.

If a complex challenge occurs whilst onboard, the NAVADAN Supercargo will recognise a solution due to his experience and thereby protect the customer’s interest both commercially and operationally. The NAVADAN Supercargo thrives on these challenges and the customer can expect a professional solution of the challenge.

A NAVADAN Supercargo will assist in a broad variation of tasks onboard a client’s vessel

  • Function as a tank cleaning supervisor; cleaning from DPP to CPP, Veg. Oils to CPP etc.
  • Tank cleaning advice and recommended tank cleaning procedures
  • Prepare the ship for tank cleaning
  • Vessel inspections and marine surveys
  • Assistance in preparing the vessel for CDI or SIRE inspections, Port State Control or any other inspection required
  • Optimise the loading or discharging operations
  • Preparation for dry docking
  • De-mucking and cleaning of tanks with chemicals
  • Full detailed written report upon completion of the job.