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Navadan Tc-1

Tool Carrier Mk 1


Navadan TC-1 is our newest generation in our safe cleaning in heights series. The system is fitted with 3 turbo nozzles, which provide a much more efficient cleaning of your cargo holds. In addition, it is safe to use for your crew, due to the innovative connection system.

The system is designed so only two crew are required to operate it at any time. The Navadan TC-1 will reduce the number of people being used for cleaning operations, and crew can be allocated to other jobs onboard.





  • Safe working environment, no entanglement in ropes, hoses or cables on tank top
  • Two person operation, one on tank top and one on deck
  • Fast assembly – thereby saving time
  • Wire system makes the tool carrier easier to operate and with less strain on the operator
  • Ensures very efficient cleaning, due to the distance of nozzles from the side of the cargo hold




Technical data

Content of box:
  • Navadan HPC350
  • Navadan HB400
  • Base unit with wire system
  • 10 x 2 mtr aluminium poles (20 mtr total)
  • Complete top rigging assembly
  • Tool carrier incl. 3 x turbo nozzles
  • 50 mtr electrical cable
  • 40 mtr high pressure hose

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