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Navadan HPP20-2

The HPP20-2 is a simple and analogue carrier of pressurized water to up to 20 mtr in height. The system consists of a sturdy tripod, glas / carbon fiber telescopic pole and a manifold fitted with 3 flat spray nozzles. Easy use for prolonged periods has been kept in mind while designing the system, where wheels and tripod carries most of the weight, which allows for a comfortable and safe operation. The manifold delivers 180 bars of pressurized water out of each nozzle, which can be combined with a hotbox for optimal results.



  • Easy-to-use cleaning system for cleaning cargo holds
  • 20 mtr reach
  • To be used with a Navadan HPC350-2 and optionally a HB400-1


  • Complete kit including all fittings and hose needed for operation
  • Ergonomic design for crew comfort and safety
  • Include detailed instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish
  • Packed in airfreight approved and reusable wooden box




Directions for use

Technical data

Content of box:
  • High pressure manifold with 3 x 65o 02 flat spray nozzles
  • 20 mtr telescopic pole w/ glas fiber base and carbon fiber extensions
  • 20 mtr high pressure hose w/ KW quick coupling
  • Heavy duty bracket
  • Tripod with 4 x heavy duty swivel castor wheels
  • Packed in heat-treated OSB ClipLok box
Dimensions and weight
  • 290 x 47 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
  • 60 kgs

Used with