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Navadan Applicator Kit

The Applicator Kit is a simple plug-and-play chemical application system for the application of cleaning chemicals and hold coat in bulk carriers. The system can be used for spot cleaning in a controlled tempo which allows for low chemical consumption. When used for applying hold coat, the kit is likewise easy to use and allows for a uniform application of coating. The system, which comes fully equipped with both pump, lance and hoses, are capable of reaching heights of up to 12 mtr.




  • Easy-to-use chemical application system for cargo holds
  • Kit including pneumatic pump, hoses and lance
  • Resistant to chemicals, acidic and caustic materials
  • Spray reach of 12 mtr


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Include detailed instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish
  • Plug-and-play system incl. all fittings
  • Packed in airfreight approved and reusable wooden box




Technical data

Content of box:
  • Pneumatic 1/2" double diaphragm pump
  • 9 mtr lightweight carbon composite telescopic pole
  • Adapter fitted with flat spray nozzle 1509 (15o spray angle, size 09)
  • 25 mtr 3/8” airhose w/ 42mm std. claw coupling
  • 7,5 mtr 1/2" suction hose
  • 50 mtr 3/8” delivery hose
  • 16 mtr 1/4" delivery hose, fitted to telescopic pole
  • Packed in heat-treated OSB ClipLok box
Specification of pump:
  • Graco Husky 515, 1/2" / 13 mm
  • 3/4" female BSP inlet port, 3/4” female BSP discharge port
  • 1/4" female NPT air inlet, 3/8” female NPT air exhaust
  • PP Center Section, PP Seats, PTFE Balls, PTFE Diaphragm
  • Operates on as little as 20 psi / 1.4 bar / 0.15 MPa
  • Up to 57 lpm or 15 gpm
  • Operated at less than 85 dBa noise level
  • Pump fitted with fittings and adapters for the supplied hoses and ball valve for air inlet
Dimensions and weight
  • 186 x 36 x 36 cm (L x W x H)
  • 52 kgs