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Navaclean 809


General purpose water-based detergent


About the product



  • Approved according to IMO MEPC.1/Circ. 590.
  • Complies to Marpol V.
  • Water based cleaner
  • Efficiency enhanced by high quality surface-active agents
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • The product is biodegradable
  • Not harmful to the marine environment
  • Cleaning concentrate


  • Can be discharged according to IMO MEPC.1/Circ. 590, and Marpol V.
  • Concentrate that can be diluted with water for multiple cleaning purposes
  • Removes light oil or dirt from any surface due to rapid penetration of wetting agents



Tanker vessels - Info for usage

Navaclean 809 Teepol Plus can be applied by:

The optimal operating temperature and concentration varies, depending upon the type of cargo residues to be cleaned. Navadan Operation Sales will be please to guide you.

  • Can be discharged according to IMO MEPC.1/Circ. 590.
  • Tested and approved by coating manufacturers
  • Safe to use on epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings and in stainless steel tanks

Technical data

Product characteristics

  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Flash Point: None
  • pH-value at 20°C: 8
  • Corrosive action: Metals: None on cement, asphalt, ceramic tiles, vinyl, or metal surfaces

Available in 25 ltr and 200 / 208 ltr drums.

For nature of special risks and safety regulations, please see our Safety Data Sheet (SDS)