Supply Chain Manager

Valentin Kold Gundersen


Valentin joined Navadan in 2017 to strengthen our back-office team. It quickly became apparent that his skills where very well suited as a purchaser and logistics expert and in 2018 he was promoted to his current role as Supply Chain Manager. Valentin is responsible for ensuring availability of Navadan equipment products globally. Being a professional purchaser, he is involved in most agreements with suppliers. Furthermore, Valentin graduated from a course in 2021 making him a certified B2B negotiator.
Before joining Navadan Valentin graduated a B.Eng. in Global Management and Manufacturing, with a special focus on supply chain management. He gained interest for the maritime industry from previous experience. Valentin graduated from BIMCO and ICS granting knowledge of shipping and the maritime industry in general.


Purchasing and logistics

Our Purchasing and Logistics team is responsible for both strategic and operational procurement of chemicals, equipment, and the distribution of same. They work in close collaboration with both the operations, technical, equipment and chemical teams to ensure availability according to customer requirements.

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The warehouse team is handling our ingoing and outgoing goods and the assembly and packaging of Navadan products. They are in charge of quality inspection and the smooth running of our warehouse and workshop area.

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The equipment team is responsible for the research and development of new products within our equipment line. They are also ensuring the conformity and quality of existing products and integration of new suppliers.

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Our IT function is responsible for both the hardware and software used by the company and are a vital part of the efforts to ensure a smooth flow of documents and information internally in the organisation and the conformity of same.

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