Accounting Manager

Kis Sundberg


Kis joined Navadan in 2020 to strengthen and lead our accounting team. She brought with her a great understanding of accounting practices as well as experience with our ERP system. Kis quickly improved Navadan’s ability to cope with a much larger volume of registrations and automated several functions. She is responsible for both credit and debit agreements.

Kis has a background in the audit business. Her previous work experience comes from auditing, advertising, and manufacturing. Kis joined Navadan after her latest position as accounting manager in a major production company.



The accounting department is handling our economy and is responsible for payments and invoicing. They are also supporting the management team with relevant KPI’s and financial statements. Furthermore, the team has a vital role in ensuring conformity in document- and information flow both internally and externally.

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The management team is working with the company’s long-term development, strategy, and vision. They are setting the direction and priorities for all teams within the company and are ensuring the overall goals are met.

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