General Manager

Jakob Lehd Møller


Jakob joined Navadan in 1998 as the second employee. Jakob is Navadan’s past and future possessing the most diverse skill set in the company. Jakob has been part of all aspects of Navadan’s business at some point in his career. His administrative skills and experience make him ideal to discuss the full impact of changes to our business. Being part of accounting-, purchase and logistics-, Warehouse-, and chemicals teams he is the right person to ask about most administrative inquiries.  

Before joining Navadan Jakob graduated as a market economist in logistics from Niels Brock Business College. He has an international background living and working in multiple countries. Jakob is an experienced operator from container- and chemical tanker segments.


Purchasing and logistics

Our Purchasing and Logistics team is responsible for both strategic and operational procurement of chemicals, equipment, and the distribution of same. They work in close collaboration with both the operations, technical, equipment and chemical teams to ensure availability according to customer requirements.

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The chemical team is responsible for the research and development of new products within our chemical line. They are also ensuring the conformity and quality of existing products and integration of new suppliers.

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The accounting department is handling our economy and is responsible for payments and invoicing. They are also supporting the management team with relevant KPI’s and financial statements. Furthermore, the team has a vital role in ensuring conformity in document- and information flow both internally and externally.

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