Chief Operating Officer

Benjamin Juel Kierkegaard


Benjamin Joined Navadan in 2016 as a business controller to strengthen Navadan’s academic capabilities. Benjamin’s exceptional understanding of theoretical concepts and ability to implement them operationally has been essential in professionalizing Navadan. In 2018 Benjamin was promoted to Business Development Project manager as most of his work was about developing the business through change management and project management. In 2021 Benjamin finished his executive MBA and was promoted to COO to further prepare Navadan for growth. Benjamin represents the future of Navadan and impacts every aspect of the business.

Benjamin graduated with an M.Sc. in Innovation Management and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School. He comes from an entrepreneurial background and has experience as a business consultant.



The management team is working with the company’s long-term development, strategy, and vision. They are setting the direction and priorities for all teams within the company and are ensuring the overall goals are met.

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