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Navadan enters an agreement to have Wilhelmsen take over ownership to strengthen and grow the company further

We are pleased to announce that Navadan has entered into an agreement with maritime group Wilhelmsen to acquire 100% of the company. Throughout the last 25 years, Navadan has become a strong player in tank- and cargo hold cleaning in the commercial shipping industry. Peter Krogh acquired Navadan in 2011 and has led the company since then. He has been looking for new opportunities on how to build the company even stronger for the future. A preferred solution has been to find a maritime player with complementary competencies and resources, making Wilhelmsen and its global maritime distribution network a good match. Completion of the transaction is subject to predetermined conditions and is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2023.

Navadan will retain its brand and operate as a fully owned subsidiary of Wilhelmsen Ships Service after the completion of the agreement. This means that customers will continue to get the best service, best offers, and expert advisory 24/7 that we are known for.

With Navadan bringing their vast knowledge, experience, and ways of working to Ships Service, the two companies will together be able to offer tank- and cargo hold cleaning to customers with a market-leading offer. Wilhelmsen Ships Service will invest and build on Navadan’s current and existing offers.

“It has been a tremendous journey for the last 25 years, building Navadan into a strong supporting player for the commercial shipping industry. We have built a strong position within tank- and cargo hold cleaning and have good reason to be proud of what we have achieved. Wilhelmsen is a perfect match for taking Navadan to the next level, with vast maritime experience, a large global network, and a long-term perspective on their investments”, says CEO and Owner of Navadan, Peter Krogh.