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Navadan Kit

Kit VL223 Needle Scaler

VL223 Needle Scaler the perfect hand tool from the Vibro-Lo series to reduce health risks when removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials or doing spot repairs.

All vibration tools are a health risk if used too long time but the Vibro-Lo series is special developed with very low vibration level so they can be used very long time without risking Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs) and Vibration White Fingers (VWF).



  • Unique Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system giving levels up to 8 times lower than standard
  • Dust shroud attachment available
  • Requires no additional tools for changing needles/chisels
  • Heavy duty in-line grip
  • Quality engineered to exceed industry expectations
  • Spare parts package


  • Greatly reducing health risks when choosing products from Vibro-Lo series
  • Low vibrations give much longer working time for increased efficiency
  • Available dust shroud for reduced health risk
  • High quality product for long lifetime is good for sustainability
  • Navadan kit with service kit and extra needles for higher efficiency



Technical data

Content of box:
  • VL223 Needle scaler with 19 needles (chisel tip)
  • VL203/VL223 Needle Scaler Service Kit
  • 1 x 100 needles (ø3mm w. chisel tip)
On request:
  • VL223 Needle scaler with 19 needles (chisel tip) alone
  • Air hose with fittings
  • Other needles: Flat tip, pointed tip, spark resistant
  • VL203/VL223 Chisel attachment kit
  • VL203/VL223 Chisel Scaler Service Kit