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SeaWalker software platform in combination with the Smart Pack makes a difference in your effort to improve Health – Safety – Sustainability. AND it helps you improving the bottom line.

You get direct good quality video and audio communication from all over our vessels and all over the world. You can reduce time used for travels as well as very easily include both internal and external experts of all kinds from technical to medical to security.




  • SEAWALKER web-based software platform
  • Conference call with up to 30 participants through SEALINK
  • App for android
  • Smart Pack including smart glasses
  • Remote services, pre organized or customized
  • Customized check lists
  • Connection speed control
  • Remote help for setting up connections


  • Good streaming, video and audio connection worldwide is good for sustainability, health, safety, and efficiency
  • Reduce unnecessary travels to support sustainability
  • Supports close connection with land based medical experts to improve health care
  • Supports close connection with land-based safety experts to improve safety on board
  • Customized checklists to improve safety and efficiency
  • Customize Remote Support to improve sustainability and efficiency



Technical data

Content of box:
  • Smart glasses
  • Safety helmet
  • Router for 4G/LTE and satellite
  • Sim card for worldwide 4G connection
  • 3 x connectors
  • Ear buds