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Merkur® X48 and X72Paint Sprayer Kit


High Pressure Airless Sprayers for Protective Coatings.

Navadan Merkur Paint Sprayer Kit includes all recommended accessories and spare parts to ensure optimal efficiency on board your vessel so the crew can enjoy the power and portability needed for smaller jobs!

The Merkur X48 and X72 single component airless sprayers offer the ultimate combination of power and portability, giving you the ability to spray tough materials in the most challenging situations. Weighing just 99 pounds (45 kg), the Merkur Sprayer can easily be positioned in tight areas, without sacrificing spray quality or power.




  • High pressure: sprays high solid coatings and supports longer hose runs
  • Easy to maintain: easy to disassemble pump from air motor
  • Throat and piston packaging: self-adjusting and spring loaded to maintain packing life
  • Pressure bleed valve: floating ball design reduces clogging and leaking
  • Merkur pump lower: improved handling of high viscosity coatings and long-lasting Chromex™ coated rod


  • Portable and lightweight: easy to move around the job site
  • Powerful: sprays medium to high solids coating materials at pressures up to 7200 psi (500 bar)
  • Affordable: get high quality results with minimal investment
  • Flexible: ideal for marine applications


Technical data

Content of box:
  • Complete package: Merkur X48 or Merkur X72
    • (Complete package includes XTR gun with 519 tip and 3/8-inch x 7,6m hose and 1.8m whip)
  • Hose 7,6m
  • Hose 15,2m
  • 5 x XHD REVERSIBLE TIP, XHD421 or XHD419
  • 5 x XHD REVERSIBLE TIP, XHD519 or XHD521
  • 5 x XHD-Packing
  • XHD GUARD, 7/8"
  • Graco Throat Seal Liquid
  • 60 mesh fluid filter element, 2-pack
  • 2 x Fitting (NIPPLE, spacer)
  • Repair Kit, Fluid Section
  • 2 x Rep set T/XTR Pistol
  • 2 x Filters for Pistol
  • USB with manual
Specification of Merkur X48 or X72:
  • Maximum fluid working pressure: 4800 psi or 7200 psi
  • Recommended tip size: up to 0,025 or 0,021
  • Fluid flow at 60 cycles/min: 1,2 gpm(4.5 lpm) or 0,8 gpm(3,0 lpm)