Bringing Shipowners, -operators, and (special) emergency response personnel together!


So, what do they have in common? Find out what they have in common and more on how NAVADAN promotes responsible consumption and health and well-being at sea!


Together with DANIRAS and Hydronalix, we demonstrated the latest innovations within Rapid response operations, and Underwater Inspection ROVs.

Great impressions and feedback from the attendees, and we all enjoyed beautiful views from the old, historic dock island in Copenhagen.

From here you can see the Opera house, Amalienborg (the main castle and residence of the Queen), the Marble Church, the northern port of Copenhagen across the canal and much more. Enjoy pictures in the gallery above!

How can advanced small surface unmanned systems serve in emergency situations?

EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard) is an advanced robotic system for numerous applications on water, such as first responder search & rescue operations.

The people behind EMILY has experienced backgrounds in commercial and military leadership. The company maintains scientists and engineers with strong material science and robotic system engineering expertise.

Contact DANIRAS for more info on EMILY and saving lives at sea.


How can shipowners and -operators benefit from having submersible ROVs on board?

Did you know that Navadan is an official reseller and service center of Deep Trekker Submersible ROVs.

Through our expert advisory in vessel day-to-day operations and cargo swaps, Navadan promotes responsible consumption and health and well-being at sea. We also promote protection of your assets. Underwater hull inspection with ROVs saves you time and costs when inspecting your hull for marine growth, irregularities, and more. Depending on your purpose and application, we can provide sophisticated add-ons to your ROV such as Thickness Gauge and Sonar. 

By using submersible ROVs to perform safe and effective hull inspections you will:

  • Avoid unnecessary downtime of diver teams and drydocking
  • Save time and costs when inspecting your hull for marine growth, irregularities, and more.
  • Easily inspect areas too small for divers
  • Have reliable video data! Record all inspections with voice-over to SD-card.
  • Protect your assets and facilitate trade
  • Contribute to reduce your fleet's fuel consumption & emissions.

Get in touch with us to hear about affordable, user-friendly ways to perform hull inspections without unnecessary downtime.


Did you know that ports and authorities also benefit from using submersible ROVs? 

Ports and authorities can use submersible ROVs to inspect incoming vessels for contraband or other threats quickly and safely. 

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