An affordable, user-friendly way to perform ship inspections

We are glad to announce that NAVADAN is now a Reseller & Service Centre of Deep Trekker’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Deep trekker is an internationally recognized manufacturer of commercial grade, portable, affordable, and easy to use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

At Navadan, we believe that Deep Trekker ROVs create value for our customers as these provide an affordable, user-friendly way to perform marine surveys, ship inspections, and more without diver intervention.

What are the benefits & for which vessel types?

According to Lloyd’s Register (LR), reflecting on 35 years of technical support show that all ship types suffer casualties at broadly same rate and face similar technical challenges. 

We have tested Deep Trekker’s DTG640MAG and DTG2 with positive results onboard a Panamax Dry Bulk Carrier. During these tests we focused on the usefulness and ease of use in performing given tasks onboard.

In addition to cleaning, maintenance and inspections, emergency incidents and damage assessments also call for solutions such as ROVs to show underwater and/or internal damage.

For LR, Technical lessons learnt are that in the early stages of an incident, damage information may be limited, and assumptions will have to be made; How is the sea bed/hull interaction established after grounding? Or the damage extent after severe collision at night, or damage underwater? After fire or explosion? How to assess hull failure mid-ocean, or breaking in two? (Lloyds Register).

Through our partnership with Depp Trekker we aspire to offer our customers with an easy, fast and effective way to perform cleaning & maintenance, hull inspections and virtually any task that requires immediate eyes under water and in-accessible areas and/or vertical angle structures, such as ship hulls, cargo holds and tanks, bulkheads and pipe-systems.

Modularity & Service Centre

At NAVADAN, we are all about customer experience and customer satisfaction. We provide configuration, installation and post-installation support for Deep Trekker ROVs and serve as your primary contact for product information, technical advice and operational advice.

Choosing Deep Trekker ROVs also provides you with extensive modularisation opportunities, such as industry leading thickness gauge, to meet your specific demand.


Interested in a free product demonstration?

Deep Trekker ROVs are currently employed onboard different vessel types to demonstrate their value for the customer. We have an ongoing dialog with shipowners, operators, superintends, marine surveyors, and port authorities.

Do not hesitate to contact your team at NAVADAN for a free product demonstration of e.g. DTG2 onboard your vessel, or if you are looking for more information and technical support.