High Pressure Cleaning in heights is now possible, safe & convenient

The heights of cargo holds onboard dry bulk carriers is a reoccurring challenge for high pressure cleaning in heights.



The challenge of high pressure cleaning in heights starts right about 3m., depending on the chosen method and approach.

With NAVADAN HPP20-1, high pressure cleaning in heights is now possible, safe & convenient up to 20 m. in height.

The design of HPP20-1 is specifically developed for cargo hold cleaning operations in heights and is a state-of-the-art solution for dry bulk carriers, where the dominant logic is a convenient and safe cleaning operation.

NAVADAN HPP20-1 is a light weight cleaning system with mobile tripod support for stable and swift-moving operations:

·         Ergonomic design for crew comfort and safety

·         Designed and optimized for NAVADAN HPC350-1

·         Superior stability and manoeuvrability

·         Easy assembly.

Key Features:

• Telescopic pole made of:

• Glass fiber (base) for enhanced crew safety

• Carbon fiber (extension) for reduced weight.

• Capable of delivering 180 bar up to 20 m. in height

• Reduced water usage and labour

• Crawler unit with 3 HP Nozzles

• Heavy duty 360° swivel castor wheels.


NAVADAN HPP20-1 and NAVADAN350-1 can be supplied worldwide, packed in a heat certified wooden box, and approved for airfreight.

Do not hesitate to contact your team at NAVADAN to know more about NAVADAN HPP20-1 and NAVADAN HPC Series.