State-of-the-art Cleaning & Maintenance

Cargo hold cleaning, maintenance work on deck, rust removal, preparation of steel surface for coating and much more. New products have recently been added to our equipment portfolio to meet these cleaning and maintenance purposes.

NAVADAN Equipment design is Marine specific with features that offer easy operations, tangible results, faster turnover at port, and are globally available.

NAVADAN Equipment are compatible with NAVADAN Cleaning Kits and IMO approved NAVACLEAN quality chemicals for state-of-the-art results.

NAVADAN HPC Series offer Marine specific high-pressure cleaners for in- depth cleaning and maintenance work according to industry standards. NAVADAN HPCs are delivered fully equipped with halogen free cable, hose and lance.


The opportunity of adding extra components and/or accessories offers a versatile use of NAVADAN HPCs, such as NAVADAN Sandblasting Kit for clean and dust-free rust removal and surface preparation.

If your fleet requires a specific standard, we also offer Custom made NAVADAN HPCs.

In addition, NAVADAN HB400-1 Hotbox turns your 240 & 350 bars HPCs into hot washers. NAVADAN HB400-1 heats the pressured water up to 105°C and is diesel and electrical driven (230v/60Hz/3Phase).

NAVADAN Hold Cleaning Jet Kit offers easy operation of high flow water streams for cargo hold cleaning. Among other key features is the adjustable air inlet valve for easy control of water stream.

Your Safety is our concern, which is why you find Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) available in NAVADAN cleaning kit content and can also be ordered separately. For High Pressure cleaning and maintenance purposes, we provide High pressure specific PPE on request.

NAVACLEAN quality chemicals along with NAVADAN Equipment keeps your vessel clean and maintained. Our team of highly experienced marine professionals and cleaning experts are always ready to assist you in any inquiry you might have.  

We offer a 24/7 service, and we are serious about it. Our decision-making speed and one-point-of-contact are essential to ensure quick response time, by our cleaning experts, who also handle your inquiry. 

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