IMO approvals for 3 new cleaning chemicals

Navadan has successfully added customer driven amendments to our cleaning chemicals product line. The driver behind the decision is that not all clients have a total problem that requires a total solution.

Meeting complex customer needs is a must for Navadan, and for our flexibility. Therefore, Navadan has met an increased demand for cost-effective cleaning chemicals that are targeted cleaning operations of less density.

Naturally, cleaning operations differ depending on previous cargoes and current residue-density, thus not all scenarios require heavy duty cleaning chemicals.

We are pleased to obtain IMO approvals for the following cleaning chemicals:


New product characteristics offer a cost-effective alkaline cleaner and a softer version than NAVACLEAN 801 – ALKATUFF. ALKATUFF SOFT is an alkaline water based cleaner primarily designed for:

Cargo Tanks

Specially designed for removal of veg. oil and cleaning from CPP cargoes to veg. oil. Can also be used for numerous cleaning applications.

(Product Information Sheet – Tank)

Cargo Holds:

Cleaning after coal – and petcoke cargoes, and other oily residues.

(Product Information Sheet – Dry Bulk) 


New product characteristics offer targeted use and applications features. A narrow and targeted cleaner which makes it context depended, and a basic chemical that is soft on tank coatings.
A basic rust and stains remover compared to its heavy duty alternative Navaclean 873.

Cargo Tanks:

Designed to remove the white stains or residues that can appear in cargo tanks after cargoes such as; stearin, olein, palm oil, and PFAD.

(Product Information Sheet – Tank)

Cargo Holds:

In cargo Holds where ores, cement, lime-stone/sand, and gypsum have been carried, NAVACLEAN 874 – RS BASIC is the ideal solution.

(Product Information Sheet – Dry Bulk)


NAVACLEAN 865 – CC BOOSTER is designed to boost alkaline and acid cleaners. CC Booster is highly concentrated and requires low dosage.

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