NAVADAN welcomes (Ph.D.) Poul H. Madsen as new member of staff

NAVADAN is growing rapidly and so is our responsibility towards our customers and other stakeholders.

In August 2017, (Ph.D.) Poul H. Madsen was welcomed at NAVADAN as new member of staff.
Dr. Madsen holds a cand.scent. and a ph.d. degree in biology, and acts as NAVADAN’s chemist.

“We are a lively team in a busy environment. A lot of new ideas are generated, and the flat structure of our organisation allows us to implement our innovations fast and efficient. The close collaboration between sales and development guaranties the implementation of customer feedback in the R&D work.” – Dr. Poul H. Madsen

NAVADAN is committed to the success of customers and other stakeholders through expert advisory and quality products. NAVADAN’s team efforts to be innovative are accelerated by the welcoming of Dr. Madsen; adding value through cutting-edge research and development. Specifically, Dr. Madsen is supporting the quality assurance of current cleaning chemicals while developing new innovative cleaning chemicals.

“We use the newest research results on surface cleaning and wetting agents, to formulate our cleaning solutions. By utilization of this science, we secure our customers some of the best available cleaning chemicals in the world.” – Dr. Poul H. Madsen

NAVADAN solutions are enabled by dialog with our customers. We listen to our customers and recognize the differences and complexity in customer needs.

For more information on cleaning solutions, view our product portfolio, or read more about NAVADAN.