NAVADAN sump pump kit is now available

NAVADAN is experiencing an increased demand for various types of equipment, especially submersible pumps for dry bulk vessels.
Vessels will from time to time need certain types of equipment and the location is often an issue when an order is placed; both price, quality and availability can vary a lot from country to country and harbour to harbour. Our customers operate in a globalized world and expect standardized quality and features, and so do we.



At NAVADAN, we listen to our customers, recognize complexity in customer needs, and ensure standardized quality and expert advice around the globe. This was the basis for our internal project of sourcing submersible pumps for use onboard dry bulk carriers. The project was launched a few months back when the operations department mentioned an increased demand for sump pumps.

The challenge was finding the right quality for the right price and at the same time ensure that features are suitable for the job it was expected to perform. As an example, the required length of electric cable and discharge hose was often insufficient in off-the-shelf products. This required the team in charge of the sourcing to spend additional time making sure that the products delivered were up to the task. The demand showed to be enough for NAVADAN to make its own pump to be stocked in strategic hot-spots.

NAVADAN Sump Pump Kit is delivered with 50 meters of electric cable and discharge hose, and the pump itself is capable of lifting fluids to a height of 30 meters. The items are packed in a practical wooden box which offers easy shipping, handling and disposal.

It does not matter if the kit is provided in Singapore or Skaw, the product is the same.

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