Geared for the future

CEO and owner, Peter Krogh, decided to reinvest profit from 2016 to accommodate emerging demands of our customers.

The world is complex and dynamic, and so are customer needs. In addition to the changing delivery hot-spots, NAVADAN experienced an increase in demand for technical solutions and modern cleaning chemicals.

NAVADAN is dedicated to the success of our customers and other stakeholders. Therefore, it is a must for NAVADAN to be geared to meet customer demands, develop our business, and explore new business areas without compromising on our core products and competences.

“Through hard work and a great team effort at Navadan, we have succeeded to make Navadan financially independent and stronger than ever. Based upon valuable input from our customers and partners I have, as owner, approved to finance an ambitious plan of product development.” - Peter Krogh

Peter Krogh invested in developing the company and its capabilities in the following ways:

• Inhouse research and development to continue to modernise cleaning chemical product line
• Sourcing of technical equipment and assuring high quality standards, e.g. introduction of submersible pump
• Establish strategic partnerships with international marine engineering companies to offer more technical solutions
• Update IT infrastructure to accommodate increase in staff and order quantity
• Grow our product line with innovative cleaning chemicals.

During 2017, NAVADAN’s team grew from 6 to 11 team members. NAVADAN strengthened its organizational capabilities with a technical senior operator, a marine engineer, export- and process engineer, a market oriented business controller, and a chemist Ph.D in biochemistry.

“My professional team have latest finished the first remarkable added services, which will strengthen our customers business and Navadan as a continued future partner. On behalf of our customers I have high expectations to 2018 and I look forward to our customers’ feedback on our improvements.” – Peter Krogh

As a result, NAVADAN was able to meet emerging demands in 2017 and enforced its technical- and chemical expertise. The company and its team are geared for the future and are proud to have met expectations of customers, of management goals and of our company values.

The NAVADAN team appreciates your business and look forward to serving you!