Tomini newbuildings supplied with Navadan equipment bundle

When a newbuilding order is placed at a shipyard, shipowners face design- and cost optimization challenges concerning the vessel’s specification list and equipment onboard.

For Dry bulk vessels, shipyards often choose to offer off-the-shelf vessel designs; cost-effective but where the shipowner has little say regarding vessel specifications. Customization is rather limited, and when possible, it often proves to be a costly affair for the shipowner. However, NAVADAN cleaning kits and NAVADAN custom newbuilding bundle avoids challenges associated with standard supplies of cleaning equipment offered by shipyards, if any.

Navadan had the pleasure of supplying 3 Tomini Dry Bulk newbuldings with equipment kits for delivery at COSCO Shipyard.

The newbuilding bundle was a result driven by the Tomini Shipping/Alpina Chartering constellation to equip the newbuilt Tomini vessels with quality equipment for hold cleaning purposes. Navadan were pleased to have Alpina Chartering visiting the Navadan office and production site, where Alpina representatives had the opportunity to inspect the quality and study the use of the kits. Navadan CEO Peter Krogh demonstrated the equipment use.

“For Tomini and Alpina it has been a great pleasure dealing with Navadan, who has been providing excellent expert advice and managed to deliver their products in a timely fashion. We shall be looking forward to making further use of Navadan’s services, products and advice in the future.” - Carsten Jaanson, Alpina Chartering, Operations. 

For Tomini Shipping, as owners and Technical Managers and to Alpina Chartering, as Commercial Managers for the Tomini Shipping fleet, it was also important to purchase quality equipment for the newbuildings at a competitive and reasonable price.

The vessels Tomini Liberty, Tomini Prosperity and Tomini Dynasty were equipped with the following:

• NAVADAN Applicator Kit
• NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit
• NAVADAN Sump Pump Kit
• 350 bar HP Cleaner with additional 20m HP Hose
• Deck Scaler
• Hold Cleaning Gun
• Air Driven Vacuum Cleaner
• Scaffolding
• Aluminium ladders

Flexibility and responsiveness were required from Navadan during the negotiations and the subsequent supplies delivered directly to the Shipyard. Through a high level of dedication and humbleness, Navadan played an active role in listening to and understanding Tomini’s and Alpina’s requirements, and in providing expert advice, and quoting for the best possible solution at competitive prices.

The logistics and freight were handled by Blue Water Shipping (BWS) who assisted in fulfilling our promise of safe and timely delivery.

“We had an ongoing dialogue with our close partner in Nanjing who took care of the local formalities. Furthermore, we had a close dialogue with different airlines to find the best solution at the right price. After thorough planning, we succeeded in performing a successful transport with safe and timely delivery. It was a very interesting assignment and we are extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Navadan.” - Nicolai Jacobsen, BWS, Marine Logistics & Aviation.

Navadan values good relationships with a few freight forwarders to maintain flexibility in terms of timely delivery in any given situation.

The outcome is that the 3 vessels now have quality equipment onboard, delivered on time, and with no challenges in terms of the Shipyard’s vessel specifications list. Finally, the 3 vessels are also offered flexibility for future cargoes, as adequate cleaning chemicals were supplied and stored onboard.

Navadan is honoured and humble to have serviced Tomini and Alpina, and will do the same for other shipowners and operators looking for a flexible and competitive cleaning bundle for their newbuilding programs.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact your Navadan team.