Newbuilds Supplies


Flexible and competitive cleaning and maintenance bundle/Starter Kit for your newbuilding programs, simply delivered at the shipyard.

NAVADAN Starter Kit is also for your newly acquired/take over vessel(s), delivered directly to your new vessel.


Protect your assets from day one

NAVADAN makes it possible & simple for you to protect your vessel from day one, through initial supplies from our range of cleaning & maintenance solutions.

Flexibility and responsiveness is what you get from NAVADAN during negotiations and communication with involved parties, and the subsequent supplies are delivered directly to the Shipyard.

Tailor made NAVADAN Starter Kit/ NAVADAN Newbuliding Kit

Tailored to your needs, NAVADAN's Starter Kit/Newbuilding Kit for your newly acquired vessel is bundled according to your requirement, vessel type and specifications.

Through a high level of dedication and humbleness, NAVADAN plays an active role in listening to and understanding your requirements, providing expert advice, and quoting for the best possible solution at competitive prices.


We assist you actively in specifying your starter kit from a range of marine specifc...:

...and much more.



In addition to our existing range of marine chemicals & equipment, we also procure any extra requirement you may ask for, such as aluminium ladders or scaffolding, and make sure to include that in your starter kit delivery.

Your vessel is also flexible from start, as adequate cleaning chemicals can also be supplied and stored onboard for future cargo swaps and profitable voyages.


From inititial dialogue to procurement and logistics

As your reliable & preffered partner, NAVADAN handles all tasks related to logistics, clearing local formalities, and delivery to your vessel.

We maintain a close dialogue with you and liaise closely with our global network. NAVADAN values good relationships with a few freight forwarders to maintain flexibility in terms of timely delivery in any given situation.

Our one-point-of-contact, worldwide, offers you:

  • 24/7 Service & Expert Advisory
  • Total care of Procurement & Logistics
  • Marine Specific Quality products
  • Best Possible Soultion at Competitive prices
  • Thorough documentation
  • Safe & Timely Delivery

Quality products, expert advisory, and a safe and timely delivery is what you can expect from us.