NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit

NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit is an effective and easy to use cargo hold cleaning kit for cargo hold cleaning.

Specifically developed for cargo hold cleaning operations, you can clean your cargo holds with NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit by spraying blended cleaning chemicals to large heights.

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Cargo Hold Cleaning Kit - NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit

Key Features:

• Spray reach: 17 m.

• Contains an aluminium lance and a stainless steel lance

• Acid and Caustic resistant

• Special designed stainless steel nozzle

• ARO double diaphragm pump.


NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit:

• Cargo hold cleaning kit

• Easy-to-use, easy to assemble

• Detailed assembly instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish

• Ensures crew safety by providing personal protection kits for acid and alkaline cleaners.

• Packed in a practical heat certified wooden box

• Approved for airfreight

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NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit Video



NAVADAN Bulk Cleaning Kit - Unpack & Assembly


A state-of-the-art solution for dry bulk carriers, where the dominant logic is a convenient and safe hold cleaning operation.

The cleaning kit is delivered fully equipped, and includes Personal Protection (PPE) to ensure crew safety when working with acid and alkaline cleaners.. 

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