NAVADAN Applicator Kit


With NAVADAN Applicator Kit you can apply NAVADAN Hold Coat to save cleaning time and chemicals, and prevent even the most difficult cargoes from adhering to the coating.


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Key Features:

• Chemical resistant

• Spray reach of 12 m in height

• Acid and Caustic resistant

• Lightweight and easy to handle

• Graco double diaphragm pump


NAVADAN Applicator Kit:

•  Easy-to-use cleaning chemical & NAVADAN Hold Coat application system for cargo holds

•  Detailed assembly instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Polish

•  Packed in a practical heat certified wooden box

•  Approved for air freight

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NAVADAN Applicator Kit - Unpack & Assembly




A state-of-the-art solution for dry bulk carriers, where the dominant logic is a convenient and safe hold cleaning operation, NAVADAN Hold Coat provides a barrier between the cargo and the cargo hold surfaces making the cleaning operation after unloading quicker and easier, and optimal cleaning results are achieved.

NAVADAN Applicator Kit is delivered fully equipped, and can be delivered worldwide.

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