Tank Cleaning Chemicals

World-class advisory and High-quality products 

With our long track record and expertise, we offer high quality tank cleaning products, advisory and supervision to the chemical and product tanker segment.

Since the establishment of our company, we have been supporting the shipping industry with cargo tank cleaning and we are one of the top tier suppliers in the world.

Our network design and supply chain setup enable us to supply the shipping industry and the tanker segment in all ports worldwide and assure a uniform quality of the products.

We understand that time and speed are essential in the shipping industry. We are very much focused on fast response and to offer the best solutions for tank cleaning. We have a 24/7 service, and our team of experts is always ready to assist.   

All our products are approved by MARPOL/IMO in accordance with MEPC. 1/Circ.590


NAVACLEAN 801 – ALKATUFF Strong Water Based Alkaline Cleaner and Degreaser for Tank Cleaning after
veg.oil, fatty acids etc.
NAVACLEAN 802 - ALKATUFF SOFT Alkaline Cleaner specially designed for removal of veg. oil and Tank Cleaning from 
CPP cargoes to veg. oil. 
NAVACLEAN 803 – ALKATUFF PHS Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Tank Cleaner and Degreaser for Tank Cleaning after veg.oil, 
fish oils, soya bean oil
NAVACLEAN 809 – TEEPOL PLUS General Purpose Water Based Detergent for cleaning light oils and dirt
NAVACHLOR 812 – SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE 12% Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Cleaner 12% Solution
NAVACLEAN 814 – DYESTUFF REMOVER Removal of Dye from Tank Coatings
NAVACLEAN 818 – COLDWASH General Purpose Tank Cleaner and Degreaser for cleaning a wide range
of mineral oils etc
NAVACLEAN 823 – BUFFER CLEANER 55 Concentrated Cleaner for Zinc and Epoxy Based Tank Coatings
NAVACLEAN 825 – STENCH REMOVER  Neutral Water Based deodorizer and smell killer for removal of obnoxious smells in Cargo Tanks
NAVACLEAN 842 – ALKASAFE Water Based Non-Caustic Alkaline Cleaner for cleaning many
natural oils and fat
NAVACLEAN 848 – NEUTRAL CLEANING CONCENTRATE Water Based Tank Cleaning Concentrate
NAVACLEAN 850 – WB NEUTRAL HCF Water Based Hydrocarbon Free Tank Cleaner

Water Based Hydrocarbon Remover

NAVACLEAN 856 – ECOCLEAN Ecological Multipurpose Water Based Cargo Tank Cleaner
NAVACLEAN 865 – CC BOOSTER Specially designed to boost NAVACLEAN alkaline, acid & solvent cleaners
NAVACLEAN 873 – RUST & STAIN REMOVER Acid Based Rust Remover and Metal Brightener 
NAVACLEAN 874 - RS BASIC Acid Based Tank Cleaner designed for removal of White Stains or Residues
that can appear after cargoes such as: Stearin, Olein, Palm Oil and PFAD.
NAVACLEAN 888 – SEACLEAN Heavy Duty Solvent Based Tank Cleaner for Heavy Fuels and 
other DPP cargo residues
NAVACLEAN 897 – IGS CLEANER Heavy Duty Water Based Alkaline Tank Cleaner for removal of Inert Gas Soot

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