Sepcotech DG12

Navadan is a certified distributor of Sepcotech DG12.

DG12 is a Cleaning and Maintenance product line and the result of customer driven R&D.


DG12-T for your Cargo Tank:

DG12-T is a heavy duty non-solvent degreasing granualte for removal of Fuel & Crude Oil, Carbon Residues, Vegoil and Inert Gas Soot

DG12-E for your Engine Room:

DG12-E is a heavy duty non-solvent degreasing granualte – creating a very effective solution for cleaning intercoolers, turbochargers, filters, and general-purpose cleaning of marine engine room components.


Both DG12-T and DG12-E are made to offer shipowners and operators a Compact, Safe and Reliable solution to their cleaning and maintenance operations.

Check out Sepcotech's homepage to see more about DG12-T & DG12-E.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding DG12 products.

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