Peter Krogh

EMAIL: PK@NAVADAN.COM - PHONE: +45 5049 4586

Peter joined Navadan in 2006 as a financial manager. In 2011 he bought the company and started the magnificent growth journey that Navadan has been on since. Peter has created a company with an environment where there is room for creativity, innovation, and exploration. Promoting personal growth amongst employees, Peter has ensured that Navadan continues to follow the latest knowledge both within technology, business development and management theories. His continuous ambition is to take Navadan to the next level and be one step ahead of serving the shipping industry worldwide, without compromising our excellent service and flexibility.

Peter has a financial background in accounting. He has many years of experience as both a financial manager and accountant.



The management team is working with the company’s long-term development, strategy, and vision. They are setting the direction and priorities for all teams within the company and are ensuring the overall goals are met.

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